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Top 10 Reasons you need Mobile Real Estate ID as your Mobile Partner

1. The Industry's Most Complete Mobile Solution

  • Our Platform v3.0 includes SMS, QR codes, Single Property Websites, IDX integration and more.

2. Mobile Enabled Property Web Pages

  • Every listing in your portal gets a perfectly formatted Mobile Webpage with your contact information.

3. Mobile IDX Search

  • Let your mobile users search ALL of your listings from your Mobile website.

4. GPS and SmartGPS™ Search

  • Even devices without GPS capability can view nearby properties using our SmartGPS™ technology.

5. QR Codes Made Simple

  • Our OneCode™ technology makes using QR codes simple - and, our Platform v3.0 gives each listing its own QR code automatically.

6. Optimal Experience on ALL Mobile Devices

  • The mobile pages we develop work on ALL mobile devices - any device with Internet capabilities and a browser.

7. Full Mobile Websites

  • Need a Mobile Website? For a small upgrade fee you can build your own using our ultra-simple Mobile Website builder which includes Mobile IDX search, available in our Platform v3.0. If you'd like something a bit different we can build your Mobile Website from the ground up for you. AND you can use your existing URL.

8. A Robust Management Platform

  • Our Platform v3.0 is the most feature-rich platform available in the industry. Every tool for your full Mobile presence is available, as well as lead notification, listing management and more.

9. Superior Customer Service and Support

  • We're always here for you to answer questions. We offer weekly training webinars for all of our clients as well.

10. Mobile Real Estate ID covers all Mobile Access Points

  • Let your potential buyers find you the way they want - by accessing your website directly, texting in for information, or scanning your QR code or OneCode™.

Frequently Asked Questions


So, tell me about Mobile Real Estate ID

Mobile Real Estate ID is a leading provider of mobile technology and marketing services to the Real Estate industry. Our flagship product, the Platform v3.0, is the most advanced mobile lead generation platform available. It combines SMS, automated QR Codes, the OneCode™ QR Code system, real-time lead notifications, listing management, virtual listing assistant, full mobile websites, full Mobile IDX Search and more into a single easy to use online system. Platform v3.0 is available for as little as $100/year per agent with unlimited listings, QR codes, SMS inquiries, and single property websites. Broker plans are also available.

In addition to Platform v3.0, Mobile Real Estate ID offers mobile consulting, custom mobile website development, data services, and more. Contact us for details.

What is the Platform v3.0

Our new Platform v3.0 is the most advanced mobile lead generation solution in the industry. For details, see the Platform v3.0 Page.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a specific two-dimensional code readable by dedicated QR barcode reader applications. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data. Codes can be read by Mobile Phones, tablets, or PCs with a camera and QR Code Reader app installed.

How do I scan a QR Code from my mobile device?

In order to scan a QR from any mobile device, you must have a QR Code reading application installed.  Many of these applications are free of charge and are regularly available to download from the application stores associated with the device you are using.  A few popular QR Code reading applications are: (view these url’s directly from your mobile device web browser)


What is the OneCode System?

The OneCode system allows real estate agents to use one single QR code for all of their properties on all their signs. Unlike using unique QR codes, where the unique QR Code when scanned links directly to the information for an individual property, the OneCode system allows a real estate agent to use the same exact QR Code on all of the signs in front of their properties.

How does the OneCode system work exactly?

When a potential buyer comes across a property they are interested in, as long as they have a mobile device with a QR Code reading application installed, they can scan the OneCode on the ‘for sale’ sign of the property.  After scanning the OneCode, their mobile device will use GPS functionality to show them the property they are standing in front of.  If GPS is not available they will be brought to a mobile webpage which will allow the scanner to locate and access the single property mobile website dedicated to that property by entering their location information. 

Can I capture a persons contact info when they scan the OneCode?

There is no way to capture a person’s contact information simply from them scanning the OneCode or any QR Code.  Unlike text messaging, where a phone number is immediately captured when someone texts-in for information, QR Code scanning allows potential buyers to act with anonymity.  However, once they visit the property’s mobile website, they can contact you directly via phone and or email which will be displayed on the property page.

What is the difference between the OneCode and a Unique QR Code? 

The OneCode is designed to be used ONLY at the site of a property on signs or riders.  It can be used for all of your active properties and can be reused for all new properties entered into the system. 

On the other hand, A Unique QR code is meant for print advertisements and on the web as it will bring a user who scans it directly to the property page associated with that QR code.  Our system offers both types of QR Codes so that real estate agents can maximize the effectiveness of using this great technology.

Can I use the OneCode in my print advertisements? 

No, OneCode is not meant to be used in print because of the GPS aspect of the OneCode technology.  It is designed to be used ONLY at the location of the property on signs or riders. For print, use the Listing Codes which are automatically generated for you, and desinged to link to an individual property.  


Informational Videos


Mobile Statistics

Not yet convinced that you need a mobile solution for your Real Estate business? The stats below will help you understand the power of the mobile medium, and how your business can benefit from our Platform v3.0.
  • Over 300 Million mobile subscribers in the US as of 12/2010
  • Over 2.5 Billion text messages are sent each day in the US
  • An average user sends 357 text messages per month - texting is used more than calling
  • SMS can generate leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • QR code scanning grew over 1200% in Q3 and Q4 2010
  • Over 65 Million US mobile subscribers have phones capable of scanning QR codes
  • 87% of users scanning QR codes are requesting additional information on a product or service
  • All SmartPhones can scan QR codes, and many feature phones with an appropriate app can as well. SmartPhones are expected to reach 50% penetration in the US by July of 2011.