Why Win Local™?

We told you that Win Local™ was crammed with features. Here is a list of some of them.

Full System Features

SMS Lead Generation

Allow interested buyers to text-in, get property info and pics while you get the lead in real time!

Single URL

One URL for every listing you have that works on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.

Smart Signs™

A Single text code for all your signs, no mixing or matching, just hang and go!

Full IDX and GPS Search

Allow consumers to search the entire MLS and listings near them, all branded to you, from any device.

Mobile App

Create your own custom branded downloadable icon in minutes for iOS and Android devices.

PDF Flyers

Automatically generated for each listing, download with one click and include all photos, info, text and the listing QR Code.

Mobile Business Card™

Ensure a two way exchange of contact info with prospects every time. They text-in get your info, you get theirs!

Single Property Website

Distinguish your sellers listing from all others by driving traffic to their property only.

HTML Embed Code

Automatically generated HTML code per property to embed into your emails, partner sites, and more.

Mobile, Tablet & Web Sites

A complete website that formats for all mobile, tablet and desktop devices with a single URL using our adaptive design philosophy.

QR Codes

Automated QR Code creation and management, download all of your QR Codes with a click of a button.

Automated MLS Integration

All of your MLS data will flow automatically into the system ensuring that you don’t have to enter listings manually.

Top 10 Reasons

The Industry's Most Complete Digital Solution
The Win Local™ platform includes everything you could even think about wanting in a digital lead-generation solution. See above for the complete - and growing - feature list.
Mobile/Tablet/Web Enabled Property Web Pages
Every listing in your portal gets a perfectly formatted page no matter which device your potential buyer is using - all branded to you, with your contact information.
Complete IDX Search
Let your users search ALL of your listings from any device, anytime using a search form or GPS-based search.
Printable PDF Flyers and Embeddable Code
Every listing in your account will have a printable PDF automatically created with your contact information, text code, and QR code on it. Want to push your listings to a third-party site? Win Local also creates embeddable HTML code for each of your listings. Don’t fuss with trying to write your own HTML - we have you covered.
SMS and QR Codes Made Simple
Win Local™ gives each listing its own QR code AND custom text code automatically. These drive your potential buyers directly to your advertised listing, with all of your contact information.
Customizable Sites for Optimal Experience on ALL Devices
Our easy to use Site Builder allows you to choose your colors, upload your logo and photo, add your contact information and all IDX listings. Your sites will then work on ALL devices, ensuring you do not miss a single opportunity to connect with a potential buyer. One URL; any device.
Your Own Mobile Business Card™
The patent-pending Mobile Business Card™ is included with the Win Local™ platform, to make sure your contact information is always available in person, in print, or presented digitally.
Instant SMS Lead Generation
Within 30 seconds of a potential buyer texting in for more information about your property, you can receive a text message and/or email with that buyer's contact information and the property he or she is interested in. First to contact = most likely to close.
Customizable Gateway App™
Get your branding directly on the home screen of your mobile users' phones! Now you can customize your icon and app name from within the Win Local™ platform.
One word: Experience.
For over 6 years we at Mobile Real Estate have been building technology for the Realtor. Now, with your input, we've overhauled our system and present you with the Win Local™ platform. You, the Realtor, know your local area better than anyone else. The Win Local™ platform will make sure the technology is there so you can own it.

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